Who Pays for Weddings Today

Who Pays for Weddings Today

Not too many years ago, Who Pays for Weddings Today , many young men and women about to marry could rely on customs and traditions that directed the bride’s parents to pay for the entire wedding and the grooms parents would pay for the rehearsal dinner. The extravagance of the wedding was entirely dependent on the wealth of the bride’s parents. Sometimes, aunts, uncles and grandparents stepped up and helped with certain contributions.

The grandparents might buy the champagne; a favorite aunt would spring for the flowers. If the groom’s parents were wealthier than the bride’s parents, the groom’s family might contribute to the cost of the wedding. When the engagement of the happy couple was announced, it was always assumed that the bride’s parents would be paying for all of the wedding. Who Pays For Wedding – Money Decisions is a much bigger question than it needs to be.

Those customs came with other limits. If the bride’s family did not have much money, weddings were small and held in living rooms. Bridal gowns were homemade. The food served at wedding receptions was prepared by friends and family members and kept in the deep freeze until the big day.

Also, in the days when we could count on those traditions, brides and grooms did not live together before marriage. Since Mom and Dad were paying for the wedding, it didn’t matter if it was the bride’s big day, Mom and Dad only had so much money and that was that.

Today, weddings are much more expensive. Brides and grooms are waiting longer to get married. Parents of brides and grooms are getting remarried or divorced themselves or divorced and so there are step parents involved. The financial matters of people who may have at one time or another promised to pay for a wedding have often changed since the original promise to pay. These types of situations change customs and traditions and Who Pays For Wedding – Money Decisions.

If you are a lucky bride or groom who is fortunate enough to have traditional parents who are able to pay for the wedding, it will come with some strings attached. Your mother had to do what her mother wanted for her wedding. Hopefully, your mother will be a little more flexible. Flexible or not, your mother has a lot to say about what is going to happen at your wedding if she and your father are going to pay for it. The reality is that she and your father are under no obligation to pay for your wedding. Common sense tells you that you must bend to your parent’s wishes in many parts of your big day if they are paying the bills.

There are other issues that will impact what the bride and grooms parents will pay for. The parents of the bride and groom may have remarried. Maybe they have young children themselves. Maybe they are still willing to pay, but what they can afford will not make you happy. Being disappointed in what your parents are not able to provide their adult children will not accomplish anything but hurt feelings and frustration. There are new traditions and new customs that have adapted to changing times.

People that love you want to help. If you love them, you will respect their limits. There are new rules for today’s weddings. The good news is that today’s weddings are better than ever and you will probably have control over one of the most important events in your life. Here is how to have the wedding you want, and still get the help you need:

1. Before you formally announce your wedding, have some firm plans made. The firm plans should include the wedding date and the town you will be married in. This announcement should make no mention of who will pay for what. Just enjoy the sharing of this happy announcement. This will begin to establish the fact that you are making your own wedding day decisions.

2. Immediately, those who are able to help will offer many types of assistance. Do not accept offers of assistance yet at the same time you announce your marriage. You will not be able to remember that Aunt Mary will provide a cake, or Cousin Kate is sure to want to video. Tell everyone you will have a plan and a budget and you will want their input but you cannot pin down small details yet.

3. Download a wedding plan and budget from one of the many wedding sites available. These plans and budgets are very complete and helpful.

4. Try to complete the wedding plan and budget according to timeline. You will notice that some of the items can be filled in because of offers of assistance.

5. Make multiple copies of plan and budget and distribute to those who have offered assistance and that you want to be involved in the process.

6. Remind yourself again that there is no person who can be forced in any way to pay for your wedding.

7. It is really important to get the location of the ceremony and reception tied up. Decide where you want the wedding to be held and find out how much. Since you have shown yourself to be such a responsible and sensitive adult, your parents will most likely volunteer to pay for the location. They will need to know how much for the deposit.

8. Music for the wedding reception is another expense that needs to be dealt with. This begins wih the decision as to whether to hire a band or a DJ. in either case, selecting the right one is crucial.

9. The other big expense that needs to be taken care of early on is the caterer. Once you know who it will be and how much, your parents will probably offer to pay for the caterer also.

10. If your parents do not immediately offer to pay for the caterer or the location, then you know they are not financially able, or they are unwilling for some other reason. By being in control early on, you can make those discoveries and figure out if you want to pay for these things yourself plan a more moderate wedding that you can be proud of.

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Country Wedding Decorations

Country Wedding Decorations

Throwing a country wedding can be a refreshing change from more formal weddings. The look and feel of a country wedding is one that puts you in touch with nature. Many country wedding decorations are easy to make at home with only a few materials needed.

Decorating for a wedding reception can initially feel like an overwhelming experience but once you relax and think about it, it isn’t so hard after all. It can actually be one of the best parts of planning any wedding.

Outdoor Country Wedding Decorations

When decorating for an outdoor wedding, it is best to keep it simple and use materials found in nature. You don’t want to use too many balloons because they will not look natural with the rest of the decor. The key is to add pieces of lace and ribbon to the decor for a relaxed and delicate look. Both the lace and the ribbon will blow nicely in the breeze.

Many outdoor weddings will have a tent set up for the reception. If this is the case for your wedding, be sure to use very simple decorations such as baskets of pretty flowers around the area where guests will enter the tent. The same types of flowers used in the baskets need to be put on each table as well, but only use smaller versions of what you put in the baskets.

Proper Lighting For A Country Wedding Outdoors

The entrance to the tent should be surrounded by small lights that are white in color. These lights should also be used on the ceiling located inside the tent. This will make your wedding look very romantic.

It is important to use soft lights for your wedding, as opposed to bright lights. Bright lights are better suited for a different occasion than a country wedding.

Decorating An Indoor Wedding In A Country Theme

For an indoor country wedding, most brides want to use decorations that look very festive. When planning a country wedding it is best to limit festive decorations to only the gift table and the entrance to the room. Including streamers in your decorations will give your guests something to drape over their shoulders when they dance. If you use balloons in your decor be aware that they will be volleyed back and forth by your wedding guests.

When throwing an indoor wedding reception you should be sure to take the flowers that served as decorations during the ceremony and move them into the reception room before the reception starts. Those flowers should then be placed on the table the wedding party will be sitting at during the reception. You can also take any ribbons you used as decorations for the ceremony and let the guests do what they wish with them

For a beautiful centerpiece to put on the tables the guests sit at for the reception, use potpourri. This will add color and delicious scents to your decor. To create a very romantic setting, put a candle in the middle of each table and surround each candle with flowers.

How To Decorate The Food Table

To properly decorate the food table at a country style wedding, you should choose a fabric for the tablecloth that is the same as the wedding colors. For a country wedding, use colors like rust red, autumn orange or straw yellow. A flowery cotton or chintz tablecloth would be the best choice. Your silverware and napkins should be put in a basket on the table and the napkins should be rolled.

Another idea is to tie a ribbon around each rolled up napkin and insert three flower stems under the ribbon. Just like the tables the guests sit at, the food table should also have a centerpiece. One suggestion is to use canning jars and stone pitchers as your centerpiece, as long as the pitchers are different sizes. Another suggestion is to put either a rustic lantern or a pillar candle in a basket and surround it with flowers.

Using Food As A Decoration

For a unique decorating idea, consider putting a basket of fruits and vegetables that are in season by the entrance to the reception room or on the food table itself. If the wedding will be taking place in the fall or spring, pumpkins, winter squash, corn stalks and bunches of wheat can also be used as decorations. If you are planning a September wedding you could always fill baskets with shiny red apples. This is an even better idea if one of the dishes at the reception uses apples as an ingredient.

Other foods that can be used as decorations include zucchini, decorative popcorn, pomegranates and lemons.

Garden Country Weddings

A garden country wedding is a more formal type of country wedding that calls for different decorations. The colors mostly used in this type of wedding are blue and pink pastel. The decorations used should be very simple so they do not overshadow the garden itself, which is the most beautiful part of this type of wedding.

Country wedding decorations are very unique and special. They will make your special day the most beautiful day of your life.

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Wedding Supplies for the Bride on a Budget

Wedding Supplies for the Bride on a Budget

Every bride wants her day to be special, and that day is made special with wedding supplies. Wedding Supplies for the Bride on a Budget, most brides will spends hundreds of thousands of dollars to make her day the best, but what about those brides that are on a budget? Even those brides deserve to have the special day of their dreams, and with a few helpful tips (and some helpful family members), they can make it happen.

Discounted Wedding

Every bride knows that everything about a wedding can run with a pretty hefty price tag. From renting the table settings to the venue to the very chairs that the guests will sit on during the ceremony or at the reception, prices can run very high. However, there are many ways to get items at a discount.

The savvy shopper can get anything from wedding invitations to centerpieces at an amazing discount if she shops clearance areas at Target, Walmart, and other major stores. She can also order invitations through Oriental Trading Company to fill in herself, and they even have very cute “Save the Date” magnets that can be sent out to family members. Another great place for wedding invitations is Party City, which has a greater selection than Oriental Trading.

Both Party City and Oriental Trading Company offer discounted supplies for centerpieces, reception decorations, and ceremony decorations. Both places even offer personalization so the bride and groom’s names or initials can be included on wedding favors, invitations, napkins, and so much more. Unfortunately, Oriental Trading Company doesn’t appear to offer tableware, and the tableware offered by Party City is only plastic and paper. However, for the bride who would much rather spend the extra cash on her dress instead of plates and forks, Party City is the perfect place to get inexpensive tableware.

Do-it-Yourself Wedding

Another great way to save money on wedding supplies is to create the items personally. Perhaps the bride absolutely loves the flowers that her grandparents grow. Family members can pull together to create table centerpieces that incorporate those flowers grown by her grandparents. If the bride and groom need to save even more cash, they can host the wedding at the grandparents’ place–provided there’s enough space for all the guests.

Invitations, thank you cards, and “Save the Date” cards can be printed at home, and the purchase of a program that includes clip art can allow the bride to add that personal touch to her wedding stationary. Even wedding favors can be created at home with simple materials and minimal out-of-pocket costs. Tableware can easily be that antique china collection Grandma has had since she was fifteen. For the bride born into a family of women that sew, she can save even more money by purchasing a less expensive dress and asking family to customize it for her.

Even the wedding cake can be a do-it-yourself project. Family members can bake a cake, or the bride can be creative and do cupcakes, cake pops, or any other baked good. If the bride wants to have the traditional cake look, a tiered cupcake holder or cake pop holder can be designed to look like a wedding cake. She can even have a small wedding cake on top of the tier for the cutting of the cake.

Inexpensive Wedding Rentals

Another great way to save money is to host the wedding at a private home–parents of the bride, parents of the groom, grandparents house, or any other family member. However, hosting the wedding at a free venue doesn’t mean there won’t be some cost.

Most paid venues have tables and chairs that can be used as part of the purchased venue package, but a private home might not have the tables and chairs a wedding will need. Tables and chairs can easily be rented from inexpensive rental places, and although they will be plastic or wood, they can easily be decorated to match the bride’s dream vision.

Most wedding rental agents even offer the ability to rent tableware, dance floor, and much more. A savvy shopper can save a lot by getting multiple quotes and haggling with rental agents. Some places may even offer special pricing depending on the number of items needed for the event.

A bride’s special day doesn’t have to be ruined by extensive costs of wedding supplies. She can easily achieve the wedding she’s always dreamed of and keep more money in her pocket. So many brides are fooled into thinking tons of money needs to be spent on that one day, but she can save that money and put it to good use–like more money to spend on the honeymoon. There’s no reason that a bride should have to go without something on her special day because of costs, but there’s no reason she needs to pay a small fortune for it either.

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DIY wedding decorations


DIY wedding decorations

Weddings are one of the happiest days in people’s lives. They can also be one of the most expensive days in their lives. But, DIY wedding decorations can reduce the cost and be fun to make. It also allows you to make decorations that are unique and express your style.

DIY Flower Decorations

Making floral decoration for your wedding may seem scary, but it doesn’t have to be. One of the easiest ways to create your own floral arragements is to use silk or other fabric flowers. Using fake flowers gives you plenty of time to make them in advance.
Flower balls are very popular for bridesmaids to carry, and to use as hanging decorations from seats or the ceiling. To make a flower ball you just need a Styrofoam ball, two dozen artificial flowers, like roses, and a hot glue gun. All you have to do is glue the heads of the flower to evenly cover the ball and attach a ribbon to hang it from.

If your heart is set on real flowers you can still do it yourself. The key to making successful do it yourself floral decorations using real flowers is to make them the day before your wedding. Do not try to start out creating a big arrangement at once. Start by making small arrangements containing no more than six flowers that can be held together with rubber bands. To make larger arrangements combine the small ones together and fill in any empty spots.

DIY Garlands and Sashes
Sashes and garlands are a great way to add a lot of decorations to your wedding for a low small price. Garlands and Sashes can be as simple as a four to six inch wide ribbon to patterned material sewn together. Tulle is also an easy material to use for this project. If you want a more rustic or country look try using burlap.

If you are using your material as a chair sash you will need to cut it in six foot lengths, so you have enough to tie around the chair and make a good size bow with hanging ends. For a garland it is better not to cut the length in advance. Cut the garland while decorating so you can be sure you have the right amount to drape. You can use the materials plain, embellish them with beads of crystals, or tie flowers into the bows.

DIY Centerpieces

Centerpieces are the main table decorations at wedding receptions, and they can be one of the most expensive. Most people think of centerpieces as floral arrangements. While you can certainly do DIY flowers, doing it yourself opens up so many other options.

Candles one of the most popular options people use when making centerpieces. Floating candles can be used in clear glass bowls or tall vases filled with water and rocks or fruits that match your wedding colors. You can create illuminated pictures by using decoupage to apply personal photo printed on plain or tissue paper to glass candle holders. When you light the candle inside the pictures will be illuminated from behind.

Another popular option in centerpieces is to create your own tree. Individual feathers can be arranged in an inexpensive glass vase to resemble a tree. Trees can also be created from using twigs and small branches. If you use small branches to create a tree for your centerpieces, you can make it even more custom by hanging small photos or crystals from them as decoration.

DIY Guestbook

Instead of using the plain old white guest book, make your guest book part of your wedding decorations. One of the ways to do this is to create a wedding photo booth. Decorate a corner of your reception area with a nice fabric backdrop, funny hats, props and chalk boards. Each guest can write a message on the chalkboard and take a funny picture of themselves with disposable cameras.

Another way to create a photo guest book and use it as decoration for your reception is to use clothespins and a clothesline. If you have access to an instant camera string rows of clothesline along one wall. Using clothes pins hang your guests table seating cards from the line. When the guests find their cards they need to take a photo with the instant camera and write a message along the bottom of the picture. They then replace the seating with their picture.

You can also use pictures of your fiancé and yourself for your guest book. You can design and order a banner with your favorite photographs. At the reception hang the banner on the wall and have your guests sign it. Be sure to ask the company making the banner which type of pen the guests should use when signing so there are no ink smudges.

Some people may start out being nervous about making DIY wedding decorations. Just start simply with small projects and give yourself plenty of time. Before long you will be creating your decorations quickly and easily, and be surprised with what you accomplish.


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What the Frugal Bride Really Needs

 What the Frugal Bride Really Needs

As a bride-to-be, you start seeing wedding stuff everywhere. What the  Frugal Bride Really Needs new trends, classic pieces, and things you always dreamed you’d have in your wedding, it’s hard to not get overwhelmed. Especially if you are trying to be a frugal bride, it becomes difficult to discern what is essential and what is over the top. Let’s sort through what you really need, as opposed to what Brides magazine says “every bride must have”.

The Most Important Wedding Stuff: The Dress and the Flowers

Okay, maybe it doesn’t have to be a dress, exactly, but you do need to wear something a little special on your wedding day. It doesn’t have to be the top-of-the-line designer dress that will break the bank, though! Remember that, although it is a very important dress, you will only wear it for one day. So, buy something that is “you”, something that you will remember forever, and something that will not put your credit card on life support.

As for the flowers, everyone dreams up the perfect bouquet to carry down the aisle. But when florists see a bride coming, they can increase the prices of the flowers to many times what they would cost an average customer. What to do? If you’re a Pinterest fan and a crafty person, consider doing the work yourself, buying wholesale, and having a party with your bridesmaids the night before to put together all of the foliage. Fun and frugal!

Things to Remember: The Cake and the Photographer

Everyone loves the tradition of the cake. The photos taken of you and your new husband cutting into it are so classic and adorable. But the costs that come with it are not so adorable. However, if you only order a small cake for photos and to put out for your family and friends to admire, you could have regular sheet cake “behind the scenes” to have everyone eat. It’s the classic “have your cake, and eat it too”!

Speaking of photos, another point that can cost a fortune can be your photographer. Of course you want the magical photos of your bridal party having fun, everyone dancing, and even that one of your crazy uncle making faces at the camera. You could go the route of giving guests disposable cameras, but then you risk any kids at the wedding just taking pictures of each other and nothing else. If you do enough research, you can find a reasonably priced photographer willing to photograph your wedding and give you the CD with all of the prints. Start asking friends who are married for recommendations.

Going Places: The Reception Hall and the Honeymoon

I’ve heard of brides shelling out tens of thousands of dollars to get the exact reception hall that they want. What a waste! There are many options out there that are much more reasonably priced, and could add a fun and quirky feeling to the whole event! Look at your local aquarium, museums, and even state parks! There have some been amazingly beautiful weddings done at zoos and empty theatres. Get creative while saving some dough.

Also, you want your honeymoon to be the trip of a lifetime, but you don’t have to take a whole lifetime to pay it off! Start your search early, and see if you can find a good bargain. Some all inclusive resorts and cruises may give deep discounts during their “off season” that you can use to your advantage. Or go “old school”, and plan a fun road-trip with your new hubby! See the sites in your neighboring states, have lots of fun finding interesting places to eat, and enjoy each other’s company as you travel wherever your heart desires.

The Extras: Gifts for your Bridesmaids

It’s tradition to give gifts to the girls standing up in your wedding. Some brides go all out on expensive jewelry that the bridesmaids don’t need and maybe even don’t want! Why not use a little ingenuity to come up with some unique, yet useful gifts? You could give personalized Iphone cases, unique metallic water bottles with their names on them, or, if you really want to do it on the cheap, you could decoupage a beautiful box for them in which to keep their treasures. Just find something girly, unique, and, most importantly, cost-effective.

Things You Don’t Need

There will be plenty of magazines and websites that will try to woo the unsuspecting bride into buying more than is needed for her perfect wedding. Just keep an eye out for those few essentials, and try not to get swayed by all of the fancy advertising. If the perfectly dewy bride-model in the perfect tailor-made, designer, “it’s the dress I’ve always wanted” dress is drawing you in to spend more than you should, try to look away. Remember that the wedding itself is not as important as the promise that you are making during that wedding. And if you happen to slip, and buy a fancy monogrammed, Swarovski-crystal cake topper, it’s okay to splurge too. After all, that wedding stuff is just the icing on the wedding cake!

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Wedding Decoration and Ideas


Wedding Decoration and Ideas

Wedding decoration and ideas is very necessary in a marriage because it helps to create a special atmosphere when receptions coming. Guests who come will feel the decoration and also help create a nice effect and beautiful on your wedding day. Who chose the theme of the wedding is usually the bride herself. Usually they will be assisted by his sister and the family’s husband.

The groom when creating idea is also very good because it can create something that is usually desired by the bride. Many different ideas for decorating your wedding but the prospective bride and groom should be able to choose a theme. They can choose a traditional or modern style. The most important thing to do is choose a color for your wedding theme. That is early stages of planning that must be realized.


Planning you can do is add accessories such as flowers, balloons, candles, confetti and other to beautify the wedding decorations. This idea can be found in the sanctuary concept, keep assembly simple decor. You must also consider budget that you have to avoid wasting your wedding decor. Perform research wedding decoration ideas to get maximum results when ceremony took place.


Love Note: Right before you walk down the aisle – when everyone is lined up in front and ready to go — have the flower girl hand your man a note from you.

Library event planning

Using principles from for-profit parties, non-literary and weddings Saving decorations and creating lists of ideas that are filed and

default Wedding Decoration and IdeasElegant Wedding Ideas Decorations
http://www.joyfullcelebrations.com, we have a great selection of elegant wedding ideas decorations for a perfect wedding of your dreams.

WedDepot.com – Weddings – Wedding & Brides Planning – Connect, Share, Upload, Download, Ideas, Photos – WedDepot.com – SV2


Currently Browsing All Locations Welcome GUEST. Wedding & Brides Planning. Find Wedding & Brides help, ideas, photos, shops, vendors, and more. Connect with others in your area, share, upload, communicate and more.

The creations of Rumford food artist Fred Martineau
Lewiston Sun Journal, on Sat, 30 Mar 2013 21:02:36 -0700
He eventually landed at the Grand Summit, which is where he began to experiment with food art, starting with simple plate decorations. “When we were slow in the morning, the first From April through November each year, outside of ski season, the

Vintage Wedding Decoration Ideas for Classic and Elegant …


Vintage Wedding Decoration Ideas for Classic and Elegant, It seems that we cannot totally escape from the past. One clear explanation for this is the vintage.

From a Colonial Garden: Ideas, Decorations, Recipes
Susan Hight Rountree, Tom Green, Elizabeth Hundley Babb, published 2003, 224 pages


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Wedding Dresses

Wedding Dresses-Wedding Decoration

There are few moments in a woman’s life, as important and memorable as her wedding day. Mori Lee agrees that wedding dresses, prom dresses, formal dresses, bridesmaid dresses and bridal gowns are very special attire.

Young women aspire to wear them to mark various milestones in their lives. Think of the bride in her wedding gown looking stunning and radiant. Beautiful bridesmaids outfitted in lovely bridesmaid dresses to complement the brides look. A young woman looking fabulous in her homecoming dress. Special occasions deserve a special look.

Whether you are looking for bridal gowns, prom dresses, or formal bridesmaid dresses for your bridesmaids, Mori lee has the look that will fit your style and budget. Mori Lee bridesmaid dresses are made with the same care as our wedding gowns and formal dresses.

Mori Lee is the right choice for any special occasion. Whether it be a formal gown, cocktail dress or party dress, Mori Lee means confidence where you can focus on enjoying the day.

Mori Lee understands how you want to feel on these special occasions. Our wedding gowns, prom dresses, quinceanera gowns, and formal gowns make you shine. Step out in confidence and enjoy the day. The Mori lee collection will show the world how beautiful you truly are.

We have been designing bridal gowns and bridesmaids dresses for over 50-years as well as mother of the bride gowns and flowergirl dresses. Our bridal gowns and prom dresses are affordable, yet we never sacrifice quality for price. Wearing our beautiful wedding gowns, prom gowns, or bridesmaid dresses brings elegance and sophistication to your special occasion.

Wedding Dresses – Event Dresses, Accessories & Décor | BHLDN


Discover BHLDN, Anthropologie’s wedding brand, featured on Martha Stewart Weddings & The Knot. Shop our vintage-inspired, bohemian wedding dresses,

Black tie

Black tie is a dress code for evening events and social functions derived from Today, cocktail (knee) length dresses are considered

default Wedding DressesRegina Bridal, Wedding Gowns, Bridesmaid and Graduation Dresses & Decoration by Wedding Trendz
Your wedding day or special event IS NOT JUST ANOTHER DAY! Make your day unforgettable without breaking the budget. Choose from affordable, elegant, and beau…

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Decorations & Rentals. Photo of Jim Hjelm Bridal Gowns Spring 2012 get the details. Photo of beve get the details. All photos tagged ’8215′.

Being Human Review: Blood Magic and Marriage
TV Fanatic, on Mon, 01 Apr 2013 19:40:35 -0700
Nora and Aidan’s rift was clearly 100% mended, as Aidan was not only officiating at the wedding of she and Josh, but was also the minister, the caterer and the decorator. He did such a lovely job on the decorations it brought tears to my eyes. It

Mira zwillinger 2012 lace wedding dresses collection wedding …


Mira zwillinger 2012 lace wedding dresses collection wedding1874 x 2480 px.
, published , pages

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